We're looking for a new member for the Trail Mix Inc Board of Directors
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Are you interested in helping Trail Mix Inc as a member of the Board of Directors?

A vacancy for a 3-year term on the Board currently exists.  The term will cover 2018-2020, plus the remaining months of 2017.  This will include assisting with the annual dinner and auction fundraiser, November 18. 

We are accepting applications through October 20th.

Board of Directors Responsibilities

The Board is responsible for managing the organization.  This includes overseeing fiscal health, program goals, long-range planning, personnel policies and fundraising for the organization.  Generally speaking, board members are not involved in day-to-day management decisions.  The Board sets policy while staff figures out procedures to implement policy, with advice from the board when appropriate.
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Board members are asked to share their talents as a means to extend the ability of the lone full-time employee.  A person with legal and/or graphic design experience is desired.
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